What does GoDaddy provide for PSV?

Internet Service Provider (ISP)






1 – Internet Web Hosting (IP Address for Internet Access, e.g.

2 – Domain Name Registration (Entered into the Public IP Address Database)


                    Numbers                                                                    Words                                          
39°23’57.5″   -75°02’17.5″         113 East Vine Street, Millville, New Jersey                                    www.PSVPhotoClub.com

Ping (verify internet connectivity and display IP address)


                Ping                         Domain Name    
PSVPHOTOCLUB     ThreeBadDogs             <– Add to Cart + Hosting
PSVPhotoClub            jaaphotography
PsVpHOtocLuB          jaa-photography

Gary.com,  Gary.org,  Gary.gov

Internet goes public – 1991

GoDaddy Auctions/Aftermarket Domains

3 – Website Design Software (WordPress) and Server Space (Hosting)


              • Themes (Hemingway)
              • Plugins (Classic & Gutenberg Editors)
              • Support (Documentation-Overview)

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