Rules and Scoring

  • All members are encouraged to vote whether they submitted photos or not.

  • Review all photos in each Active Competition (Assigned and Open).
  • Remember you are selecting 3 photos for first, second and third places.
  • Choose the three (3) photos that appeal to you the most, and submit them in the order of your choices:
    • The first one you list for first place (worth 5 points)
    • The second one for second place (worth 3 points) and
    • Your last selection as third place (worth 1 point).
  • You are no longer permitted to select any of your own photos in either category.
  • Your submissions will count only if:
    • You submit exactly three (3) Photo #s per contest and designate the contest type (category) and place (first, second or third) for each of your 3 selections.

Submitting Selections

The Preferred Method

The preferred method of submitting your selections is using the PSV on-line database. Each PSV member has his/her own unique access (url link) for entering the 3 selections for each contest. By clicking on the link you are taken to the PSV webpage for entering your selections. Be sure to click on the SAVE button to submit your selections.

You use the same link each time you vote (every month). So, please save your link as a BOOKMARK in your browser.

If you cannot locate (or have not received) your unique link, contact Leon for assistance.

Alternate Method (NOT Preferred)

Optionally, you may still submit your selection via email. In your email message reference the photos by the contest category (“Open” or the Assigned Category name), and list your three choices along with their places (first, second and third) using their assigned Photo #s. Email the 3 Photo #s (per contest/category) to [email protected]. Use “Photo Contest” as the Subject when you send your email message. Or simply reply to the “Ready for Photo Selection” notification email that each member receives when the photos are ready for your selections.